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Ascension Church Ohana – Spiritual Science Supporting Faith and Hope TJ Morris ET Radio

We begin anew in 2021. Our new ACO public relations campaign is about Ascension Church Ohana of the Ascension Age Awareness support. Spiritual Science Ministries of mindfulness support internationally for public relations with American Communications Online Broadcasting Company in Gulf Breeze, Florida USA 32563. We establish this Digital Internet Online Pastors of Faith Support Live and Archived Radio Show for all those who desire to support our community. Theresa J  Morris Ministries – Ministry of Education License in Santa Rosa County along with American Communications Online Company. Knowing Cosmology Ascension Age by Theresa J Morris available on Amazon, Theresa of Ascension, Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond and many more spiritual science books available online. This remote radio show is recorded live! CALL in is 347-945-7207 and we shall pastor on "Christ Consciousness Spirit great commission of faith". Registered with Universal Life, Modesto, California USA. "Do what is RIght". Articles and By-Laws of our ACO Association International now registered to support a 501 (c) 3 in 2021 in Florida – to be registered a Asscension Church Ohana. (Any and all members online will have to register and be counted to vote in annual elections, events, and fund raisers. Books sold of our Ascension Age Authors in our Authors Club Online (ACO).   Ascension Church Ohana in MEmory of Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish Bowers and her neverending faith and her book Intrinsic Realities. Faith is a wonderful thing. Gigi as she was known was a walking faith journey pastor of Ascension.  
  1. Ascension Church Ohana – Spiritual Science Supporting Faith and Hope
  2. Super Natural, Alienology, Pyramidology, Metaphysics, Richard T Knight Guest
  3. ET Alien Incarnate Hybrid Susan Johnson , JKLessin, RTKnight, TJ Morris
  4. Ascension Age Women Johanna, Janet, Theresa
  5. Wise Quantum Women – Johanna Derbolowsky

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