Viva las Parallel Universes! My lifetime

Now we shall begin in the year 2020 to unmask that which we in many other universes know as truth and yet on planet earth is only spoken about in science fiction.

What does it always got to be about NASA? Why it always got to be about a girl’s name like “ANITA” an actual project in Antartica.

So while people who are less intelligent about doing their own research in thee world or have no common sense about sighting or citing their own sources for their editorial opinions that are posted in cyberspace, we will now override this.

Breaking News for the last 5 months has been on what has gone viral and no one seems to be paying attention in cyberspace on the internet highway.

So, for educational entertainment purposes which fuel my own comedy routines inside my own brain and mind, I shall attempt to entertain myself and see if anyone else is paying attention.

For those of you who do not know of me, I have retired from government service. I am now a freelance artist, reporter, researcher, radio host, producer, and psychic intuitive precognitive who enjoys doing research on those who collect information.

One might call me a Hyperion of sorts of one who studies the “GOD” or Absolute.

“Gods” may be more appropriate being that I am the one and only founder of the groups which I maintain in “Cyberspace” on the “Internet Highway”.

I have not written in many years in the way one might think of a blogger or author.

I am however an inquisitive soul, and enjoy being a part of this “Game of Life” we are all co-creating inside this hyperspace and cloud above us all which in my lifetime was once called the Akashic Field. Now, it appears the younger generations are beginning to get our meaning of the “Akashic Field” up for that which those who are not informed call “The Cloud” or where much of the “Information” and “Data” is stored or actually travelling on the term “Cloud”. This is a topic for which each of you should investigate and come to your own conclusion if you care.

In the meantime, I have been learning how to watch “YOUTUBE” as in Youtube for the Google Company. I appreciate the creations of the “Tubers”. I also appreciate the “PATREON” as in a company started by a young man and that too should be looked at as how many of our musicians and writers do make themselves known.

I am going to make a beginning video for my VIRAL PARALLEL WORD going into the Viral parallel universes. The zenoverse in the past created the most controversy due to it’s known “Twilight Zone” and “Outer Limit’s” of the writers in the past. The place where all writers go to investigate their own minds and to see what lurks inside their own subconscious minds.

We all know now that parallel universes are a “Thing” of the year 2020, and we now are accepting that which I spoke of in the past with my tissues in a bathroom stall approach to thinking of how some parallel universes work. In a way, it is like when you set in a stall in Wal Mart. Usually their are two commercial rolls of toilet paper coming out of a holder which holds 2 rolls of toilet paper. How fitting a topic during this Covid 19 pandemic in 2020.

One universe touching the other rolls out a thin layer of what we now call “Dark Matter” and “Stuff similar to energy that is contained in a black hole”. Let’s call it an ooze for those who like syrup on pancakes. I hope this is graphic enough for the common person on the street. These thin layers are called “BRANES” yes like our own “BRAIN”. The similar working is a coincidence or is it?

Let me know if you can do a white paper on the words “BRANE” and “BRAIN” and it goes viral on the Internet Highway.

I went into challenging the peers of mine in 2007 and thought I broke the Internet for awhile between countries. About carrying on about the various levels of the universes. But, I guess it was too soon! Various people in Wikipedia would take down my “MADE IN USA” information. Most were in the “U.K.

So, if you cannot find any information on the universe as in plural, universe, multiverse, metaverse, xeno or zenoverse, omniverse, alphaverse, omegaverse, then blame those who try to control the wording world on the internet. We had them up because they are known by many of the “Knowing Hyperions”.

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